To receive safe and reliable water service, developers and customers of Mountain Regional Water must follow District standards and regulations. Likewise, the District must also comply with many strict State and Federal EPA regulations as well. Be advised that any of these rules, regulations, and standards may be changed with little or no notice. This page provides access to many of the standards we ALL must follow:

Key Water Regulations

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Our Water Quality Standards and Related Public Information

Mountain Regional Water District is regulated by Federal EPA and State of Utah Division of Drinking Water Regulations. While we have our own high standards, we are also in TOTAL COMPLIANCE with the many rules that govern us - and we are listed by the State of Utah as an APPROVED drinking water system.

Our water service meets and exceeds the highest quality standards set by the State Utah and the EPA. Water Quality is tested at least monthly, and more frequently at our state-of-the art water treatment plant lab. To comply with all State and Federal regulations, Mountain Regional tests for nearly 100 contaminants. Water quality data is accessible below, including a copy of our annually published Consumer Confidence Reports. The outcomes of our testing regimens is presented in these Annual Consumer Confidence Report. This EPA requires that this report be published annually and it represents our system's compliance and testing results for the previous period.

Current Consumer Confidence Report Past Reports

The standards that we must follow our very stringent and complex. All of our operations staff are State of Utah certified for the level of service that is required for our large Water District. Quality of water service is our commitment and our profession. Below are links which can assist you in understanding the standards we follow, as well as information to help in the event of a water emergency. Contact us if you need any other help, information or assistance.
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Utah Drinking Water Standards

The State of Utah has primacy to administer Federal drinking water regulations in Utah. All water systems must comply with State Division of Drinking Water system water quality and construction standards and must be operated according to State rules.

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US Safe Drinking Water Act

The national governing law which has jurisdiction over all drinking water systems is known as the Safe Drinking Water Act. This law is administered and enforced by the EPA. Information regarding the understanding of the Safe Drinking Water Act can be found here.
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Utah DDW Consumer Information

The Utah Division of Drinking Water also provides resources to the consumers of water in the State of Utah. There is a wealth of information on this site to aid consumers in their quest to learn more about our precious water resources.

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What We Test for in your Drinking Water

This document shows what Mountain Regional Water District test for on a regular basis in your drinking water. This list is more comprehensive than the standards that govern the bottled water industry.
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USU Water Quality Interpretation Tool

This site sponsored by Utah State University provides a valuable on-line tool to aid consumers in the interpretation of the required Consumer Confidence Reports as posed above.

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Emergency Water Disinfection Instructions

This document aids in the understanding and proper disinfection of water if needed in an emergency or if used for long term storage. Spanish Version Here.
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