Annual water quality reports

In compliance with State and EPA rules and regulations, Mountain Regional Water diligently tests all its water to meet or exceed water quality standards and publishes annually a water quality report detailing water tests which are of concern to public health. Past years reports are also provided below for your review. If you would like to see a list of all of the water quality parameters we test for - please CLICK HERE:

Water Hardness information

If you need to set up a water softener you may call our office for information. Water hardness however may vary throughout the season and also varies depending on what water sources are used to feed your home or business. As such, we may give you a range of values rather than an exact one. You can also find valuable water hardness information when you CLICK HERE.

emergency water disinfection information

We often get calls regarding the proper methods to disinfect water in the case of an emergency or for the long-term storage of water. Click the link below for an EPA guide to disinfecting water: