Community Water Residents

Is this bill strictly for water usage?

No. This bill contains:
a.)   Monthly Base Fee $61.80
b.)   Monthly Infrastructure Assessment $26.50

When can I get a new water meter?   

New water meters are being installed by appointment only. Please call customer service to schedule yours.

Why am I paying an Infrastructure Assessment?

Utah’s Division of Drinking Water has authorized a loan to repair the deficiencies within the Community Water system. This assessment must be kept separate from the monthly water billings. 

Why am I receiving a bill and not my tenant?

MRW does not allow the bills to be in the tenant’s name. The owner of record will always receive the paper bill. However, if your property has a tenant that is required to pay the water bill, please give your tenant the following instructions or have them contact MRW customer service.

Call Xpress Bill Pay # 1-800-766-2350 to set up a RENTAL account. It will be an account in the tenant’s name to receive an electronic copy of the water bill.

 Are online payments, paperless, and auto-pay available?

Yes. You can pay online, have paperless and auto-pay options.
MRW uses a third-party provider, Xpress Bill Pay.
Contact Xpress Bill Pay at:  www.xpressbillpay.com or #1-800-766-2350