About Mountain Regional Water District

Mountain Regional is a governmental water district, formed in January of 2000 by the Summit County Council, to assist them in their goals to unify, repair, and upgrade many of the water systems in western Summit County which were struggling with water availability and water quality issues. The District has met and exceeded those goals and as a result - has improved the quality of life, property values, and the environment by bringing water prosperity to the area.

Map showing the areas served by Mountain Regional Water (click to enlarge)

Map showing the areas served by Mountain Regional Water (click to enlarge)


Our Organization

The organization chart below shows the structure of the District, including its governance, executive management, and departmental management, including key responsibilities:

2018 Org Chart

2018 Org Chart


The Mountain Regional Team

The two greatest resource we care for, other than our water responsibilities - are our professional staff or team resources. We value all of our dedicated workers very much. Without them - we could not function in this challenging water world we live in. Click the links below to learn more about the professional team we employ, as well as the operational work they do daily - to bring you the outstanding water services all of our customers deserve!


Our vision is to manage the water resources - which the mountains have entrusted us, with care and in a way in which they can be returned properly into the environment where they began, to benefit countless others.

Our Mission

Mountain Regional Water Special Service District is a pro-active and transparent public water utility, focused on quality, technology, efficiency, fiscal responsibility, the environment, and sustainability – with quality service values, and a realistic vision for the future. We will always provide safe and reliable water services to our customers that meet or exceed all state and federal regulatory demands and expectations.

Climb the mountains - and get their good tidings.
— John Muir

Our 3 Guiding Principles


Quality is visible not only in the type of customer service we provide - but also the quality of the water we deliver. The District invests much in ensuring that our water is safe and pure. We strive to continually meet or exceed all state and federal regulations regarding water quality.


Reliability of service is critical in the high mountain environment we live in. Water resources are sparse and given the trials of climate change - it bring us even more challenges. We work hard to ensure that our service and water commitments are honored, now and well into the future.


Sustainability in relation to our water system implies that we have developed managerial, fiscal, and operational plans and strategies to be able to endure many of the water supply challenges we will face - now and well into the future. It also implies that we will manage our water resources in an environmentally responsible manner.


What We've Achieved

Mountain Regional Water has achieved much since their inception in 2000. Some of our most significant accomplishments are listed below:

  • Unified many small struggling water systems into a more healthy whole.

  • Interconnected water assets and realized their economic efficiency with less staff required per residential connection.

  • Replaced old and worn water infrastructure, including the re-development of several wells and other water sources.

  • Implemented water audits and leak detection programs.

  • Become more fiscally sustainable through the re-finance of old bonds and hiring financial professionals.

  • Developed long range goals and strategies, as well as viable capital improvement plans.

  • Implemented water conservation measures into our water development strategies.

  • Become much more energy efficient and sustainable in our operations

The water which rises in the mountain
is the blood which keeps the mountain in life.
— Leonard da Vinci