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District Control Strategy(SCADA)

Mountain Regional has implemented a state of the art water system control and security system (SCADA) to assist the District in the energy efficient operation of its numerous pumps and other assets. Without this technology, we would not be able to achieve the cost savings as listed above. Through the proper design and programming of this system by our professional and technical staff, we are able to meet much better our sustainability, reliability, and quality goals for the distribution of water to our customers.

May contain: electrical device and switch
Typical Pump Control Panel
May contain: wiring, gas pump, machine, and pump
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) used on a Pumping System to Improve Energy Efficiency
May contain: adult, male, man, and person
C. Braun working on antenna for data transmission and control.
May contain: wiring, electronics, and hardware
Typical Pump Remote Control (PLC) Panel