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Eye on Water (Leak Alerts)

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Badger Meter - Eye On Water

Mountain Regional Water is using more accurate and intelligent water meters across our district. Your Badger water meter gives you have the ability to access near real time water use data. Please read on to gain access to this useful feature.

Sign Up

The web page link above gets you started. You will need your water service zip code (typically 84098) and your account number. The account number can be found on the front of your monthly bill, in the top right corner below the date. Your account number will likely have a decimal in it. For Eye on Water you omit the decimal notation.
For example: on your bill the account number is shown as 1234.3
On the Eye on Water signup page you would enter 12343 (simply remove the decimal point)


Using Eye On Water Website

Once you have signed up you will have access to your water consumption data. The web page shows you various graphs of your usage. You can drill down in the data to see hourly and even possibly 15 min data (depending on your meter type). Consumption data gets updated every 24 hours. On the left side you will see the last time the meter transmitted data and the next expected update time.

Leak Alert

One of the best features of Eye On Water is that is lets you set your own leak alert. This can be delivered via email or text message and is completely customizable by you.
A water leak is determined by a flow of water as small as one gallon per hour that has continued for a 24 hour period.  You will receive a message that you have a water leak and how large it is per hour. Mountain Regional Water encourages you to set this up as soon as possible to monitor your water usage to prevent water losses and high water billings.

Some common mistakes when setting up a Leak Alert:

  • Most accounts should choose ‘Intermittent Flow’. Typically a residential connection has some period of the day when no water is used for at least an hour, ie. when everyone is at work/school or everyone is asleep.
  • A good starting point for your limit is 1 (one) gallon per hour. This amount is low enough to catch a leaky toilet or faucet that didn’t get turned off completely.
  • On the Alerts tab of the setup, if you hover over the ‘i’ it shows you examples of how to format the email to receive text alerts from the various cellular carriers.

Mountain Regional Water and the Badger/Beacon software cannot detect if the leak is outside or inside.  YOU will need to investigate this or hire someone to do it for you. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions.