New Construction Impact Fees

Impact Fees are one time fees assessed on new construction. Impact fees must be paid before a water concurrency letter can be issued by Mountain Regional Water District, which is necessary to apply for a building permit by Summit County. These impact fees are used to pay the capital impact of a user or a group of users on the water system. All of our impact fees follow the State of Utah Impact Fees Act. Impact Fees are based on the demand any new construction places upon the water system.



IMpact Fee Plan Review Request

To calculate an impact fee, District engineering staff must review construction plans of the project. Plans and an architects review signature is required, and a 100 dollar fee is required for each review.  To request an impact fee calculation please download and submit the form below, then email the completed form and architectural plans to:


General Service Impact Fees

Impact Fees begin at $10,513 for a house with a living area of 3,000 sq ft or less.  Fees go up incrementally from there based on the size of the home and anticipated outdoor irrigation area. Fees are also charged for the meter connection based on the size of the meter and a refundable security deposit is required. To download a General Service Area Impact Fee Table, please click below.


Impact Fees

The Promontory impact fee is $2,466 for a residential lot, and $1,480 for a resort unit. In addition to the impact fee, there are two special assessments that must also be paid. The assessment amounts varies by lot and range from $9,534 to $14,716 for a residential lot, and from $4,767 to $7,358 for a resort unit. Please Contact us for more information regarding Promontory Impact Fees.