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Source Protection

Mountain Regional Water District has on file with the State Division of Drinking Water source protection plans for all of our ground water and surface water sources. Protection of these sources is critical to the provision of drinking water which is safe and free from contaminants and pollutants, particularly those which could be caused, even unintentionally by the public. These plans help to ensure the long-term viability of our water well into the future

Download: District Customer Source Protection Plan

In 2014, there was also published a Weber River Watershed Plan which you can download here. This document describes priorities and methods to help protect our valuable watershed, well into the future, for us and our environment.

Download: Watershed Plan

The chart below demonstrates the many possible points of pollution which our critical water supplies constantly face. Please take the time to learn more about protecting this valuable resource which we and the local plant and wildlife ecosystem relies on for continued health and safety. You canclick on the image below to download the diagram.

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Water Source Protection Chart - Click to Download