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Mountain Regional Water Special Service District (the “District”) is a governmental public water supply entity created and governed by the Summit County Council. The District provides drinking water services to a large area of Western Summit County—Utah. More information can be found HERE.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide high-quality water and exceptional service in a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable manner.


Mountain Regional Water District will continue to be a recognized model for regional water resource quality and innovation. We will be respected and trusted by our customers and stakeholders for our leadership in delivering sustainable water services to the thriving communities within our secure stewardship. We will become more responsive while providing safe and reliable water services that meet or exceed all current and future regulatory demands. And we will strive to honor our fiscal, human resources, and caring attention given to every single person we encounter.



Learn more about Mountain Regional Water District, our mission, our people, and our many projects - which are all designed to bring you a quality water service.

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Do you have questions about how to apply for or start a new water service? This page will instruct you on the process, whether you are a new home owner or a proposing a new development.

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