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Why do I have no water? 

Some reasons why may have no water could be:

1. Your account is delinquent.

  • Check and make sure your account is current and your payment information is correct.

2.  Depending on the weather, your pipes could potentially be frozen.

3.  You could be in noncompliance with certain requirements (backflow testing etc). 

4.  There could be a scheduled or emergency shut down in your area.


Why am I getting two water bills? 

If you are receiving multiple billing statements from Mountain Regional Water, you have multiple properties in our district. 


If you are receiving a statement from Mountain Regional  Water and a statement from Snyderville Basin, they are different companies.   Mountain Regional Water is your culinary water provider and Snyderville Basin is your sewer. 

Can I view my water usage? 

Yes, water usage can be viewed through the Eye On Water App.

Do I have to schedule inspections with MRW when building? 

Yes. MRW requires the following inspections/visits onsite when building.

1. If a hot tap is taking place, MRW has to be present. 

2. Lateral Line Inspection

3.  Meter Install

4. Final Inspection (This is needed to obtain your C of O with the county)

I am selling my home or lot, how do I close my account? 

Typically if you are using a local title company, they will collect for the final bill and inform us of the new property owner.  Please contact our office to verify that we have been notified.  If you are moving from one home in Park City to another that is still in our district, your account number will change.  Any auto payments or bill pay through your financial institutions will need to be updated accordingly.  

Does MRW shut off water in between ownership? 

No, MRW does not shut off water in between ownership. 

My house has been vacant, what do I do about stagnant water? 

Flush your pipes!  It’s important to flush your pipes to remove older water and bring in fresh water. 

The image displays instructions for flushing water pipes in a vacant home or business.


I own a vacant lot, why am I receiving a water bill? 

Please visit our rules and regs section 3.0 regarding standby fees. 

Rules and Regs

Is there a fee for using a credit card to pay my bill through Xpress Billpay? 

No,  there is no additional fee added when paying with a credit card. 

My house is vacant, do I still receive a water bill? 

Yes,  regardless of whether your house is vacant or not you still will be charged your monthly base rate.

How do I know if I am a MRW customer? 

If you are a MRW customer, you should receive a monthly bill from us.  Attached below is a map of everywhere in the Snyderville Basin that we are the provider for.

May contain: chart, plot, map, atlas, and diagram