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Starting a New Water Service

For individual homes in established developments or subdivisions, you begin the process of starting a new water service (or resuming a service as a new owner) by downloading and completing the Water Service Agreement below. The completed service agreement can be brought to our office or emailed to us at cs@mtregional.org

Installing a new service

Installing a new service

New Home

If you are building a new home and need a new connection to Mountain Regional Water’s system, you will also need to submit your home plans to us so that we can determine a one time Impact Fee. These fees are used to cover the capital impacts of your residence on the system. Please visit our IMPACT FEE page for more information.


NEW Construction

It is very important that you visit our CONSTRUCTION PAGE for detailed construction plans and specifications of water related improvements to your property. The District will be inspecting your connection and related improvements to ensure compliance with all of these plans and specifications.


Mountain Regional Water’s Rules and Regulations require the owner of the property to assume all responsibility for water use and payments. Our online bill payment system will allow a tenant of a property to view and pay water bills.  Access our online bill payment service HERE.

Property owners will still be held responsible if tenants fail to pay water bills.


Summit COunty Concurrency Regulations

Summit County - in conjunction with the water systems in Western Summit County has enacted a Water Concurrency Ordinance to ensure that all new water services have adequate water supply for their future. As part of this program - new homes must receive a Water Concurrency letter from us before a Summit County building permit can be issued. Details of this Concurrency Ordinance can be found here; on the Summit County Health Department WEB site.


New Developments

If you are a developer planing a new subdivision or development, you must receive a willing to serve letter from Mountain Regional Water informing the County Planning Department of the District's ability to serve the development. This letter begins the water approval process for the new development or subdivision, and ends with the developer entering into a water service agreement with the District, submitting plans and specifications and related plats for District approval of the project, as well as posting proper bonds for all of the improvements. Upon compliance with all Rules and Regulations related to the new project - the District will issue a Commitment of Service Letter for the development. More details can be found in the Districts Rules and Regulations.


Rules and Regulations

When you sign a water service agreement - you agree to pay all necessary fees related to your connection and to comply with all District Rules and Regulations. You may review these rules by going to our RULES and REGULATIONS Page.